Treat your website like your girlfriend - Don't break up with Google

1. It's gotten stale...

So you're not in the first flush of 'love' with your site anymore? It does the chores for you, takes enquiries, shows your products or services, and gets hits. But you can't be bothered to put the time in anymore? Well, let me warn you, that site will be going on strike sometime soon! If you're not posting fresh content, showcasing new ideas in your industry, or even just making sure what is on there is all in date, then pretty soon you will start to see Google's intrest in you start to wane. Fresh content is key to ensuring that Google knows what you're all about. 

2. You've started to cheat

The death signal of any relationship, the minute you start to cheat, it's all downhill. And trust me, this is the killer of your website too! If you are copying content from other sites, Google will (like female intuition), just know ! (well to be fair, it's more of an algorithm than intuition, but you know, same difference). If you duplicate content even on your own site, Google can and will penalise you. Meaning that, just like in school, if you try to copy someone else, it won't work out well for you! 

3. You've let yourself go! 

Does your website look like it was designed in 2005? In fact, was it designed in 2005 and you haven't really made any changes since? If this is the case, you had better get cracking on smartening yourself up! Over 3.5 billion do a Google search on the web every day, and there are now over 1 billion websites online. If your site is looking tired, consider a refresh! You can do this by adding new visuals, changing your navigation, and even colours and fonts! 

4. It's nothing personal... but.. 

Are you hiding your true self? Let's be honest, unless your hugely disruptive in your industry, there is likely to be a competitor who can be a bit 'me too'. What makes you stand out from the crowd? I speak to so may business owners who enthuse about specific things that make them different from their competitors, but guess what - they aren't telling anyone via their website! Adding an 'about us' or 'meet the team' page to your site will not cost a lot, and the personalisation that this can bring could be the difference between your potential client choosing you (yes you with the wacky tie in your photo), or your competition! 

5. She's doesn't even know you exist! 

As I mentioned in my previous blog - if Google can't find you, you will not be found by people using Google! Simple As. Make sure you are indexed, and check your rankings!