5 Ways Mobile Hairdressers Can Use Facebook to Get More Clients

1. Make your page stand out

There are thousands of hairdresser pages on Facebook, how do you make sure yours stands out from the crowd? Firstly, when it comes to hair - images are everything. Make sure to take photo's when you've done work you are proud of. Take it one step further and try doing a video! Colour change is great for video, and this is easier to do than you think. Just using your smartphone, and free to use apps, you can set up a wonderful time-lapse video to really show your clients what you are capable of! 

2. Ask for Facebook reviews

If you don't ask you don't get - ask clients if they can give you a review on your Facebook page - people are generally happy to do so for you. Facebook reviews can affect who see's your page, so it's a great way to ensure that you are visible to as many people as possible. Remember to respond to every review (good or bad), so set up notifications to ensure that you never miss a review! 

3. Targeted Facebook Advertising Campaigns for hairdressers

A targeted campaign can work wonders for your business. Do you do wedding hair? Set up a targeted campaign for those who are getting married soon within a specific area. Facebook advertising need not cost you a lot, and you can set your budget to spend only when someone takes an action (e.g makes an enquiry). 

4. Post An Offer

When you know times may be slow - post an offer! Facebook allows you to post specifically to showcase a special offer - find out how here. Again, if you want to get this to more that just your clients - you can boost an offer post, so it will show up in relevant news feeds. 

5. Give your page a personal touch

While posting photos, techniques and offers is wonderful, it's good to give your prospective clients some idea of what your personality is, after all, they may be spending a good few hours in your company! So do let a bit of your natural charisma shine through! Post as you would on your own page - comment on the weather (how British), say how much you've enjoyed your day. Just remember to use common sense, and, like a dinner party, avoid religion and politics! 

If you are a mobile or salon hairdresser looking for some marketing assistance, please do get in touch for a no obligation chat! We understand your business and returns, and our prices are set according to expected returns for you!