Small Business Marketing Consulting

Whether you are launching a start-up and need an initial marketing plan, or an established business who needs some direction in putting together a refreshed marketing strategy - we can help. 

Marketing Consultancy 

We understand that sometimes it takes an outsider to see your business clearly. Our consultancy services can help you to take a wider view of your business. 

Helping you write a start-up marketing plan

We know just how much work goes into launching a startup company. You're busy developing your product or service, working out your finances, and generally rushing around to get ready. Why not take the strain out of the marketing. We can suggest routes to market, offer advice on advertising, and make sure that when you launch you make a big splash! Whether you are looking for help with crowdfunding, PR, digital marketing, or anything else - we can assist. 

Marketing Audit Service 

Our experts can assist you with auditing of your current marketing strategy. Using expert tools, we can measure the results of your current small business marketing strategy - we offer a range of audits including

SEO Auditing

Using expert tools we can track the your rankings for thousands of keywords, your visibility against competitors, and suggest opportunities to increase your ranking on Google or other search engines.

Conversion Auditing

Are you campaigns driving traffic to your website, but people aren't buying? Using  technology combined with our marketing expertise - we can analyse your website and sales funnels to ascertain what is working, and what is not - giving you a clear forward strategy to maximise conversions. 

Google Analytics Reporting

Does looking at your analytics report make your head spin? Don't worry - we can assist. From guided learning, to offering a digestible easy to understand report with forward insights, our expertise in understanding and acting on data will help your business to understand what your analytics are telling you. 

Content Calendars to Boost Your Marketing Strategy

You've heard that content is king right? Well when it comes to digital marketing, this is indeed true. Great content converts customers, helps Google understand what you're all about, and engages your social audience. Using our unique methodology, we provide content calendars that are relevant, engaging, and most importantly will drive sales.