How Add A Partner To Ads Manager

If you manage several Facebook pages or Ad accounts, it’s wise to use Facebook Business Manager to ensure that your business information is secure, and does not get mixed up with your personal accounts. As a growing business, it’s likely that you may wish to use a social media marketing agency or other third party to manage your assets and adverting campaigns across Facebook and Instagram.

Using Facebook Business Manager gives you the ability to assign others to manage your Facebook marketing without having to invite them to use your own log ins , and without the headache of adding them as an admin.

Below we will outline how to add a partner to your Facebook Business Manager Account.

Step 1.

Log in to your Facebook Business Manager and click the cog icon - or business settings

Add a partner to Facebook Business Manager

Step 2.

On the left side click Partners and then click the Add Button

How To Add a partner to Facebook Ads manager

You Will need your business partner ID to Add to your account


You will now need to choose the assets you wish to assign to your partner (agency). If The Small Biz Expert is working on your campaigns, we will advise you of the assets required.


Just make sure to click Save Changes - and you’re all done!